CRDC in funded by NASA to provide users with unique data products and services that may not be available as standard products from the operational data centers.

Rationale for service:
      The idea being explored is that operational data systems could be made more efficient by concentrating on few standard products and services while affiliated "expert" centers handle user requests on an ad-hoc basis for products that were not anticipated or don't have enough of a demand to warrant inclusion in the standard product list.

Services offered:
      As a test of the above concept, CRDC offers the following:
  • A convenient place to get questions answered about TRMM products - whether certain products exist, how reliable they may be, or the most convenient source of a given product for the desired application.
  • A convenient mechanism to create specialized test products based upon the TRMM data. In some cases this can extend beyond just TRMM products. CRDC, has preferential access to all the standard TRMM products which makes it convenient to create special outputs for individual users.

Getting started:
      Because CRDC does not deal with standard products that are serviced by the established data centers, there is no automated interface for such requests. Instead, we ask that you simply Contact Us with your request and we will iterate with you until a satisfactory plan is developed.

Cost of services:
      Nothing in life is free but this gets close. Because CRDC is funded by NASA as a test for future operational data system designs, we do ask users who derived services from CRDC to write a short paragraph explaining their problem, the solution and their impressions of how the interaction with CDRC worked. You can either provide your feedback via , or include your comments in the section provided within our short feedback page.