Courses Offered

AT350 - Introduction to Weather and Climate

AT622 - Atmospheric Radiation

Course Objective: To provide an understanding and qualitative description of the physical processes that determine the distribution of radiant energy within the atmosphere and at the surface of the earth.

AT650 - Measurements and Instruments

Course Objective: To introduce the student to the practice of measurement providing them with an understanding of basic measurement principles and instrumentation commonly used to observe the atmosphere.

AT652 - Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Course Objective: To highlight the basic interactions between electromagnetic radiation and matter using examples drawn from atmospheric remote sensing applications. The course is presented with the belief that an understanding of these interactions provides a solid foundation for understanding other topics of remote sensing not covered in the course.

AT753 - Atmospheric Water Cycle

Course Objective: To examine the distribution as well as radiative effects of water vapor, clouds, and precipitation. Particular emphasis is placed on current problems related to observational capabilities and the use of these quantities in global numerical models.